We focus on your needs

Instead of utilizing just one standard program for all, Ascent Recovery Solutions puts you in charge of your treatment through a patient-centered approach. This is the best way to handle addiction as every patient faces a different situation and has unique needs.

Aiming for Your Success

We will work with you directly to design a treatment plan that meets your needs, ensuring your chance of success right from the start. By helping you develop a plan, we assist you in choosing cost-effective and streamlined procedures so you can still take care of your responsibilities at home and work.

Utilizing a Proven-Effective Method

At our center, we use medication-assisted treatment (MAT)—the most well-studied and highly successful approach to recovery. This strategy is considered the gold standard of today’s available therapies. MAT allows you to get control of your addiction with minimal time and expense, allowing you to get back to your life and not just to another appointment.

State of the Art Treatment Center

We believe treatment for addiction is just as important as any other medical treatment.  We also believe that patients should be treated with respect and dignity in a place that is both comfortable and professional.  With this in mind, we built a spacious state of the art medical office to give our patients the best treatment experience available.