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Creating a Safe Space to Help Those Who Are Victims of Addiction

Many people may see addiction as a moral choice or character flaw. However, our group at Ascent Recovery Solutions understands that it is a disease and not a choice. Dedicated to providing you with the support you need, our team of professionals strives to help you break free of substance abuse and get back to your life.

Ascent Recovery Solutions

State of the Art Treatments Breaking the Cycle of Addiction

Based in Simpsonville, South Carolina, our recovery center specializes in offering the most comprehensive program available in the area. We exclusively employ FDA-approved therapies, such as methadone and Suboxone, as well as the latest technology and practices including behavioral techniques.

Guidance From Recovered Individuals

Most of the counselors and staff at our center have gone through the same struggles with substance abuse. As fellow peers in recovery, we deeply understand the tough battle against addiction, its underlying causes, and what works in real life—not just according to textbooks. Our firsthand experience allows us to understand and address your needs better as well as ensure that you receive the best treatment available.

Ascent Recovery Solutions

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